Restoration of the 100 coins​

Today we present you the 100 coins included in the Project “Underground Iași – Redescovered (Hi)Stories, part of the tresure discovered in Iași, Eremia Popescu street, during the archaeological reseach organized by the Romanian Academy – Iași Subsidiary, The Center of European History and Civilization, which had dr. Stela Cheptea, expert archaeologist as scientific responsible and dr. Bobi Apâvăloaei, archaeologist, as member of the Research team.
The 100 coins, as well as the pitcher they were in, were recently restored in the Research and Restoration-Conservation Center of the National Museum Complex “Moldova” Iași, by restoration experts Mihaela Simon and Codrin Lăcătușu. Numismatic expertise was provided by scientific researcher dr. Marian-Viorel Butnariu. With his help we found out that “it is the oldest Crown issue discovered in Moldavia” and “proves the continuation of the half groș in Poland, launched by Wladislaw Jegello in 1399”.