The promoter of project ”Underground Iași – Rediscovered (Hi)Stories” is “Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iaşi, the largest museum organization in the eastern part of Romania, with extensive experience in the development of permanent and temporary exhibitions in the field of history, art, ethnography, and science and technology, in the restoration – preservation of movable cultural heritage items as well as in the implementation of projects funded through European and international sources. The structure of the project promoter includes: The Art Museum, Moldavia’s History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldavia, “Stefan Procopiu” Science and Technique Museum, as well as the Cultural Heritage Research and Restoration-Conservation Center, all based in the Palace of Culture in Iasi, a building that was recently been the subject of an extensive restoration project (2008-2016) carried out within the framework of the Project F/P 1562 (2006) on the rehabilitation of historical monuments in Romania. After the completion of the restoration and rehabilitation works, the Palace of Culture was reopened to the public in April 2016, with each museum proposing temporary exhibitions that present to the public part of the their heritage collections: “The Princely Court of Iasi: a rediscovered history”, “Socialization and entertainment at about 1900”, “Feast in the village. Spirituality and Art”, “The Peasant Daily Life. Inventiveness and Pragmatism”, “Masters of Romanian interwar art in the collections of the Art Museum in Iasi”, “Masters of Romanian painting in the patrimony of the Art Museum in Iasi “, “Mechanical Music Instruments” and “RetroTechnica”. They are complemented by many other, shorter-term exhibitions, which in turn present to the public the heritage in the collections of our museums, or of the various institutions that are our partners. 

The project ”Underground Iași – Rediscovered (Hi)Stories” is implemented by Moldavia’s History Museum, which has a vast activity, both in terms of archaeological excavations and in the design and organization of exhibitions. The museum is supported by the Cultural Heritage Research and Restoration-Conservation Center, which is the oldest and largest in the eastern part of Romania, as well as the Public Relations, Logistics, Marketing, Projects, Programs Department, which also has extensive experience in carrying out European projects

More information about the project promotor can be found at :www.palatulculturii.ro