The project partner is the Institute of Archaeology of Iceland, based in Reykjavik (FSI).

The activities of FSI are mostly carried out in Iceland but it is interested in expanding at European level so to carry out interactive  and theoretical and methodological research projects of universal relevance. The ambition of FSI is to be a regional center of excellence, with a leading role in multinational and interdisciplinary research, the publication and innovative interpretation of cultural heritage. 

Through its involvement in EEA projects, FSI aims at developing the strengths of the current activity and initiating new research lines, as well as information activities, which will lead to a new understanding of archaeology. FSI is particularly interested in expanding the group of collaborators and the geographical field of research, believing that the research and excavation methodology, as well as digital storytelling and the presentation of cultural heritage, tested in Iceland, have quickly gained international recognition thanks to the high standards that have been practiced, and will prove their value in other regions.

More information about the project partner can be found at: www.fornleif.is